What we do

​AFH brings together creative talents from across the world in pursuit of one goal – to help you tell your story in a way that resonates.

We focus on clarity of thought, commitment and purpose – ingredients for the perfect story. After all, it’s the story that creates the imagery that makes you stand out.

But it’s the story that often gets lost in the day job or mountains of strategy. That is our expertise. We help clients find, develop and tell stories better to achieve desired impacts.

Our work sits in four main streams:

Sport, wellbeing and social impact

‘Social good’ organisations can struggle to tell their own story, limiting impact and wasting resources. It’s why we develop this stream of work

Working with you, we spend time developing your positioning, passion and expertise. Then using a blend of public affairs, creative storytelling, PR and personal brand, help you make the necessary impact.

​Security behaviour change and awareness

Organisations rightly spend thousands of pounds on technology to protect their staff, networks and systems against cyber, physical and information security attacks. But they forget that security begins and ends with the human being. Without a strong set of good behaviours throughout every organisation, they remain seriously at risk of data and information loss, permanent or significant damage and embarrassment.

At the heart of all behaviour change is a strong story – the reason for change. Our work begins at initial understanding of the security challenges facing our clients then delivers short and long-term campaigns designed to change the culture of their workforce and the security threat facing them.

​The AFH Writing Room

You may have your story inside you, but it’s stuck and you don’t know how to get it out. Immerse yourself in the AFH Writing Room and we will provide the framework to tease it out of you.

We bring together our creative and sector insight teams to run a one-off session to help stimulate thoughts and overcome the challenges you may be facing. Think of us as a critical friend, with an outside perspective to help you achieve your impact. A one-off session is often all our clients need to kick start or restart their thinking.

Creative/story labs

We all have stories we want to tell. As storytelling professionals we are lucky enough to have the resources to tell some of our own.  Using those stories, we hone our own skills to develop projects we are passionate about. We love anything that opens new ways to tell stories or keeps our skills sharp!